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Investment incentives

The new investment projects in industrial zone are exempted from enterprise income tax not exceed two year upon the time of taxable income and be reduced 50% of the tax payable not exceed the following 4 years.


Incentives to encourage investment in industrial zones in Hai Duong province.

Incentives for investment capital: The investment projects in Industrial zone will be prioritized the allocation of incentive credit capital under the planning of Stage annually (if required investment loans), or be granted the license of incentive investment to support investment interest rates under the investment planning of province annually.

The incentives for interest rate of loans and fees of service supplement of the bank and credit institutions.

The incentives for interest rate of loans and financial leasing: The investment projects in Industrial zone will be loaned in short-term, medium-term, long-term and financial leasing  by the Stage-owned commercial banks with the interest rate for investors is reduced to 10% comparing to interest rate for normal customers.

The incentives for the Bank service fees: The local Stage-owned commercial banks will charge for the payment by wire transfer and  other services with the lowest fee comparing to the fee is regulated by the superior bank; the Banks will provide free for the consultant services of loans and establishing economic projects to enterprises; the fees of supplement for risk prevention information will reduced from 10% up to 15%.

Supporting the budget for training local laborer: The domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises invest into the industrial zone will be provided the trained laborers, in case the enterprises have requirement for special training, the provincial Government will support 50% of budget for domestic training for local laborers but it is not exceed 1million/laborer/course. This amount will be allocated to vocational centers in province in order to train laborer for enterprises which have demand.

The incentives for advertising information and encouraging enterprises invest into the industrial zone: when the enterprises invest into industrial zone in Hai Duong province they are reduced 50% of advertising cost on Hai Duong radio and television and newspaper within 3 years from the date began operation of project.

Regarding to administrative procedure: Implementation of the investment procedures, operations management for industrial zone under the “one stop”, “a clue” in the provincial industrial zones management authority. Departments base on their functions and duties to take responsible for coordinating with Board of project management of industrial zones in order to support investors to solve the procedures in the shortest time (from the date of fully providing the valid profile by investor).

  • Appraisal and approval the project, issuing the investment certificate: not exceed 5 calendar days.
  • Procedure for land leasing: not exceed 10 calendar days.
  • Appraisal the profile of technical designing: not exceed 15 calendar days

Appraisal for issuing the construction license: not exceed 10 calendar days.

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