Đại An The working environment

The working environment

moi-truong-lam-viecWorking environment in Dai An


You can experience a world with full opportunities in Dai An. You have opportunity to work in the dynamic and professional environment in Dai An, where each individual can grow and improve without any limitation. We believe in the training and creating the space for each staff to improve and exceed the special scope of each individual. We always create the opportunities for staffs.

Salary, Welfare and Incentives

The attractive salary is not only the reason that people work for Dai An. We create also the welfare and incentives programs to attract, retain and promote each individual. We always behave towards each staff as a member of the family.

Social responsibility

We are an enterprise with social responsibility and actively participate in social actives. Dai An organizes the festival day of charity annual and which attracts thousands of participants . The charitable programs are consist of: building the house of love for people who live in difficult circumstances, relieved for flood victims, awarded the scholarships for poor students who overcome difficulties, providing the medicine for the sick and many other actives..

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