Đại An Vision and Culture of Dai An

Vision and Culture of Dai An

1. The vision of Dai An industrial zone

Becoming to the model and modern Industrial Zone with the stature in Southeast Asia.

2. The mission of Dai An industrial zone

– Providing the professional services with international standards.
– Bringing the benefit to employees, customers and communities.

3. The positioning of Dai An

Dai An industrial zone is a model Industrial zone, with the services of international standards, contributing greatly to the social and economic development of the local.

4. The culture of Dai An

The orientation of enterprise culture of the company is creating a cultural environment with dedication, enthusiasm, its best to works and customers. Establishing the internal regulations and discipline; pro-cooperate regarding to create and develop cooperative relationships with the long-term partners based on the common interests of both parties.
The executive board of company also clearly determine the working and cooperative guideline with partners and customers: the first priority of company is quality, prestige and speed; serve clients not only with present profits that always take care and enthusiastic support partner who has yet to be customer of company.
The general director of company always appreciate the guidance and direct consultant for the company operations by the top leader, in order to ensure speed and precision of activities, create the industrial working style, strict discipline to promote the development of business activities in a sustainable manner, simultaneously ensure retention of cultural values of company.

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